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Karina is in service to earth medicine healing arts and is a bridgekeeper for indigenous wisdom teachers. She is a certified holistic health, transformation and integration guide with a focus on plant medicine. She is a certified transformational breathwork facilitator and specializes in awakening our somatic wisdom. She is the founder of the wellness platform Sovereign by Nature & non-profit The ARC based in Costa Rica, and healing container for womxn The Sacred Session.​ She was recently the Program Director at a non profit healing center in Costa Rica.

What Karina brings to all of her endeavors, is the essence of embodiment and a prayer that radiates the frequency of WHOLENESS. She is a space holder and community builder.


She has devoted herself to the study of consciousness- deep work including self discovery, expansion, embodiment, living a life with deep reverence and navigating life's initiations with grace and resiliency. Karina shares wisdom from her direct life experiences - having learned by navigating through powerful and transformative initiations she finds purpose in supporting others on their life's journey.


She has studied with wisdom keepers, elders and teachers from many different lineages and continues her studies as part of her devotional practice of earth based spirituality. She remains in service to plant medicine and is an advocate for indigenous rights. Her work centers around ceremonial work, collective healing, systems change and culture shifts.


Her no-nonsense and dynamic approach to cultivating embodiment and facilitating human growth and transformation is rooted in ancient wisdom, elemental medicine, ritual, energy architecture, plant medicine and holistic health. Her guidance and tools provide a purification for mind, body and soul that sheds layers of programming- cultural and ancestral conditioning stored deep within your bones.


She offers a new connection to self, a reconditioning of the mind from worst critic to fierce ally. Empowerment at its truest level. Integrity in its purest form.


Karina holds space from a place of non-judgement, she creates a divine container where others can shed, remember, integrate and grow. Through deep understanding, reverence and unconditional love for the self we fuel present awareness and sovereignty. Through conscious action we improve our lives and relationships.


Karina holds certifications and wisdom in the following areas:

Holistic Health Coach

Transformational Breathwork 

Somatic & Embodiment Practices

Plant Medicine - Ceremony, Preparation & Integration

Integrative Nutrition


Hatha Yoga & Embodiment Teacher Certification

Energy Cultivation- Shaolin Internal Arts

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